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As we start the new year, we all are making resolutions to do good things for our health.

Did you know that you can use Himilayan Crystal Salt as a daily health tonic? When mixed with pure water, the stored healing energy in this living salt is set free. The salt and water combined make a different product altogether, called "Sole" (so-lay).

There are many benefits to drinking Sole:

  • Sole re-mineralizes the body with 84 minerals and trace elements essential to health.
  • Sole can neutralize the alkaline/acidity balance in the body and normalize blood pressure.
  • Sole can balance the pH environment of the body and break down the build-up of heavy metals such as lead, mercury, arsenic, amalgam and calcium.
  • Sole can dissolve and eliminate impurities and built-up toxins which lead to arthritis and kidney and gall bladder stones.
  • Sole can lower the craving for addictive desires.
  • Sole can help with skin diseases by cleansing from inside out.
  • Sole can stimulate blood circulation and the nervous system.

Sole also gives your body a boost of energy as the cells absorb the natural energy stored in the crystals. The body can hold this energy for up to 24 hours.

Recently a naturopath evaluated the benefits of Sole made with Himalayan Crystal Salt by performing a live blood cell test. This is done by observing a blood sample with a dark field microscope. The practitioner can observe blood components such as red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets among other things.

It is important for red blood cells to flow freely in the plasma, and not overlap or stick together. This is extremely important because the red blood cells carry oxygen and nutrients throughout the body to keep it healthy. When the cells are compromised by sticking together, they are unable to carry out their job efficiently, often causing a great amount of fatigue in the body, and stress on the circulation.

In the blood sample used for the test, the red blood cells were clumped together and not moving. The subject consumed 1 ounce of Sole and waited 20 minutes. A new blood sample was taken, which showed the cells separated and moving freely.

This practitioner, who tests many products to see their effects on live blood cells, said, "In my twelve years of doing live blood tests, I have never seen a product that made such a positive change in the blood in only 20 minutes. The mineral content of the Sole solution electrically charges the surface of the cells, causing the cells to move freely and allows them to not stick together, improving oxygen exchange and circulation."

To make sole, use Himalayan Crystal Salt Stones *The Original*. Simply place the diamond-like crystals in water and allow them to dissolve.

Click here for more detailed instructions on how to make Sole.

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My mission is to bring you the best salt available so your body can be in the best of health. In future issues, I'll continue to give you more information and the latest research on the health benefits of salt and water, as well as offering you newsletter-only specials. Please feel free to pass this newsletter on to your friends and family.

Thank you for your orders!

Hilde Bschorr

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