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Are you trying to lose weight? "The Original" Himalayan Crystal Salt can help!

We have reports from customers who lost 10 pounds in a single week, just by using "The Original" Himalayan Crystal Salt on their food and taking a morning dose of Sole (a 26% solution of "The Original" Himalayan Crystal Salt and pure water--instructions for making Sole). They also cut down on their use of common table salt.

How is that possible?

Common table salt binds water in the tissue, which leads to water retention and cellulite. When you replace common table salt with highly structured "The Original" Himalayan Crystal Salt, the extra water in your body is released.

Also, taking the Sole on a regular basis reduces addictive cravings, so you won't even want to eat those high-sugar, high-carbohydrate snacks.

Sole can also be used externally to rid your body of fat and toxins.

Here are some tips on how you can use "The Original" Himalayan Crystal Salt and Sole made with this salt to melt those pounds away and feel happier and more energetic. Summer is's time to look your best!

1) Drink 1 teaspoon of concentrated Sole in one cup of good quality water every morning on an empty stomach. It will give your metabolism a boost.

2) Drink at least 8 glasses of good quality water every day in order to flush out impurities and toxins that your body is releasing.

3) Give your body a dry brush massage with salt. It will remove dead skin cells allowing impurities to be eliminated through your skin (skin is the largest organ of elimination). Dry brush massage also improves lymph and blood circulation, decreases puffiness, and even calms your nervous system!

4) Take a salt bath twice a week with "The Original" Himalayan Crystal Salt Bath Salt.

5) Sit in a sauna twice a week (be sure to drink plenty of pure water).

6) Use a "Salt-Shirt" twice a week to stimulate detoxification (see instructions below).

7) Apply a Salt-Oil Peeling Detox Scrub made with "The Original" Himalayan Crystal Salt to your whole body once a week (coming May 17).

8) If you want lose weight on specific areas (stomach, thighs, buttocks) make "Sole-Wrap-Compress" (see instructions below).

9) Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables and avoid coffee, sugar, and alcohol.

10) Do a daily workout that you enjoy (walk, jog, bike or jump on a trampoline).

Instructions for Dry Brush Massage with Salt

To give yourself a dry brush massage, you'll need a soft, natural bristle body brush.

  1. Stand in the shower with the water off.
  2. Brush gently in small circles, starting at your feet and moving toward your heart.
  3. Brush your arms, starting at your fingertips and moving toward your heart.
  4. Reach around and brush from your back towards your stomacn.
  5. Shower for a moment, then rub fine granulated "The Original" Himalayan Crystal Salt all over your body.
  6. Let the salt dry for a moment, and shower with warm, then cold, water.

Instructions for Salt-Shirt

The Salt Shirt is a specific variant of the "Spanish Coat" used by Sebastian Kneipp. It has exceptional detoxifying effects and activates the metabolism.

  1. Soak a clean cotton, long sleeved shirt in a 3% Sole solution (6 teaspoons fine granulated salt dissolved in about. 4 cups lukewarm water).
  2. Wring the shirt well and put it on.
  3. Wrap yourself in a large, dry bath towel or bathrobe and lie in bed. Cover your body with blankets. Within half an hour you will begin to sweat.
  4. After 60-90 minutes, take off the shirt and shower.

The Salt Shirt has also proven to be an effective treatment for flu and high fever as an alternative to the sole bath.

Instructions for Sole Wrap Compress

This application is mainly used for cellulite because it will eliminate the local acids and toxins over the skin and activate the metabolism and circulation of that area.

  1. Take several elastic bandages and soak them in a 5% Sole solution (10 teaspoons fine granulated salt diluted in about 4 cups lukewarm water) until they are fully soaked with the solution.
  2. Wring out the bandages and wrap them around the area you want to treat (legs, stomach, buttocks). Always start to wrap at a point which is furthest away from the heart--this also helps to stimulate the circulation.
  3. Then wrap your body in a large, dry bath towel or bathrobe and lie in bed for about 1 hour, covered with blanket.
  4. Remove the bandages and shower.
To help you get started with all the healing benefits of Sole, I've put together a "Sole Starter Kit" that includes everything you need to make Sole. Just fill the jar with good quality water, and in 24 hours this rejuvenating elixer will be ready to revitalize your body. The jar comes with a snug-fitted cork lid and wooden spoon that fits into a side holder. It's only $10, so try Sole for yourself. (click on the "Subscribers Only Specials link below to order)

In our next issue we will introduce you to our new body care line, Every product contains the healing power of "The Original" Himalayan Crystal Salt. Watch for it!

My mission is to bring you the best salt available so your body can be in the best of health. In future issues, I'll continue to give you more information and the latest research on the health benefits of salt and water, as well as offering you newsletter-only specials. Please feel free to pass this newsletter on to your friends and family.

Thank you for your orders!

Hilde Bschorr

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