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Peter Ferreira (1965), Biophysicist, is head of a scientific research project on the biophysical connection between water and salt.

Mr. Ferreira is the director of the Institute for Biophysical Research, and represents the countries of Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and the U.S., focusing in the fields of water and salt research.

His career path was influenced early on while growing up in his hometown Salzberg (Eng., salt mountain), near Berchtesdgaden, home of one of Germany's largest salt mines and salt manufacturing plants.

Influenced by his holistic, vegetarian upbringing, Mr. Ferreira dedicated himself, at an early age, to acquire an understanding of the ethical and metaphysical principles of consciousness.

While pursuing his career, he lived several years abroad in the U.S., Portugal and Poland. During this time Mr. Ferreira continued to be fascinated with water and salt and has become recognized by millions as the leading authority on the subjects.

He has made numerous television appearances and he lectures nationally as well as internationally on the subject.

It is his greatest interest to convey the scientific connection between life-force, geometry and consciousness, in a basic form, accessible to the lay person.





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