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Research Data – Flouride and Analysis and more:

Biophysical Examination by Segmentary Diagnosis (Imedis)
The biophysical examinations were performed by the expert system, IMEDIS. This system captures the primary state of homeostasis as well as the immediate reaction of the body to altered environmental influences. In diagnosing the body’s reactions to one or several environmental influences, the patients were subjected to a so-called “neutral” environment. The result of these referential measurements serves as a comparative basis for measurements of bodily functions within altered situations. These measurements were performed according to the experiences of biofunctional organometry as well as to the methods of segmentary diagnosis. The focus of this test was to pinpoint the energetic and informational effects on the homeostasis (biofunctional regulatory behavior).

The results of the organometric measurements confirm, with no ambiguity, its supportive effects through a continuous decrease in deviating factors. The diagnosis of the organs and the reactions in the vegetative nervous system illuminates the energetic and informational relationship between the water and the crystalline sole and its effects on the homeostatic regulatory behavior. This diagnosis helps determine the major pathological and pre-pathological tendencies as well as functional disorders and physiological tensions. The tests confirmed that all of the previously determined organ dysfunctions regained their original, natural state of balance and proved the regulating and balancing power of the crystalline sole.

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Scientific Results: Medical and Biophysical University Double-Blind Study
In the following you can hopefully begin to understand the amazing and scientifically proven comparison between the natural living elements of FIJI Water and Original Himalayan Crystal Salt versus tap water and common industrial table salt. This study will present the effects between that which we call "Alive" and that which we call "Dead", on our body.Science has discovered the physical and chemical properties of pure FIJI Water and Original Himalayan Crystal Salt. Now we take a look at the biophysical aspects of these amazing elements.In conjunction with the Institute for Biophysical Research, the Inter-University Graz, Austria, conducted medical and biophysical research using the internationally accepted double-blind criteria for human research. The scope of the study was to find out the possible differences in health benefits between treatments with FIJI Water versus tap water from the city of Graz, Austria, and FIJI Water with a teaspoon of Original Himalayan Crystal Salt Sole solution, versus tap water from the city of Graz, Austria with a teaspoon of common, industrial table salt solution. The research scientists and doctors were astonished at their findings.

Several individual medical, biophysical and psychological parameters were measured, diagnosed, analyzed, tested and evaluated. Four groups of patients underwent treatment and diagnoses for a period of nine weeks. All groups of subjects drank 1.5 liters of water on a daily basis. (Group 1: drinking only FIJI Water, Group 2: drinking only tap water, Group 3: drinking a solution of FIJI Water in combination with Original Himalayan Crystal Salt, Group 4: drinking a solution of tap water in combination with common table salt). No other treatments were received, and none of the patients used drugs or dieted during the course of the study. The individual subjects of each group had similar conditions to those of each subject of the reference groups (age, sex, weight, health status, etc.).

The following results have been summarized: At the outset of the study, when analyzing and diagnosing the self-regulatory system of each person through the implementation of the IMEDIS SYSTEM, the average deviation from perfect health within Group 1, (FIJI Water only Group), where 0.00 % would be the perfect health status in human organism, was measured as a group index of 30%. By the end of the study, their average group index had positively changed, decreasing towards normal to the level of 9.67%. Moreover, the individual diagnosed parameters of organ functions of the peripherals and nervous system, as well as stomach functions and connective tissue functions, achieved the most significant positive changes. This positive change was highly significant because the opposite was analyzed and measured within Group 2, (tap water only Group).

Their average measured group index at the beginning of the study was 28.80% and was negatively increased to an amount of 40.20% by the end of the study. Upon analysis and diagnoses of Group 3, (drinking FIJI Water combined in a solution with the natural, Original Himalayan Crystal Salt), as a teaspoon-per-day of Sole treatment, the beginning average-measured-group-index of 32.33%, decreased during the study to the incredibly low average index of 8.57% by the end of the treatments.

These scientific findings have shown that the significant, positive health benefits of FIJI Water were enhanced in combination with the positive benefits of using a natural crystalline salt solution as a treatment to normalize the self-regulatory system of the human body. The best results were achieved within this group and the individual diagnosed parameters of human organism functions, which also resulted in significant positive changes of the respiratory system, the blood circulation system, the elimination system, the spleen and liver system, the skin system, the metabolic system of all organs including the vessel system as well as the gall bladder, the urinary bladder and the kidney system.

Group 4, which was drinking tap water in combination with the common table salt solution, had the worse diagnosed results. The average-measured-group-index of 29.20%, at the beginning of the study, rose to 39.39% by the end of the treatments.The scientific analysis provided by the IMEDIS SYSTEM gave clear medical evidence that subjects regularly drinking a daily minimum of 1.5 liters of only FIJI Water, or in combination with the alternative natural treatment of one-teaspoon-per-day of the natural crystalline salt solution made with FIJI Water and natural, the Original Himalayan Crystal Salt, provided natural regulation of energy deficiencies in the human organism. The homeostasis (self-regulatory system) becomes so clearly enhanced, verifiably elevated, that human bodies reacted in resonance to the fluids used as a treatment. The opposite occurs when using tap water and/or common, industrial table salt. This scientifically proved that water is not just H2O and that salt is not just NaCl (sodium chloride), but one of the most essential energetic substances for our well-being and health.

As an additional biophysical parameter, to analyze and diagnose the compatibility of a treatment without that the patients need to ingest the tested substances, the medical drug testing device, “VOLL ELECTRO-ACUPUNCTURE SYSTEM” which measures skin resistance, was performed. This bio functional system diagnosis can scientifically prove how helpful a treatment can be for the self-regulatory system of the human organism. Group 1, drinking FIJI Water alone, as well as Group 3, drinking FIJI Water in combination with the Original Himalayan Crystal Salt solution, achieved the best results. However, the exact opposite was tested with Group 2, drinking tap water alone, and Group 4, drinking tap water in combination with the common table salt solution. All tests with patients of Group 1 and Group 3 revealed a positive and resonant feedback within the drug test, whereas Group 2 and Group 4 exhibited a dissonant and negative feedback with no compatibility with human organ functions.

FIJI Water and the Original Himalayan Crystal Salt are both carriers of natural electromagnetic frequencies similar to the electromagnetic frequency spectrum in the human organism. Such “Life Force” could not be detected within the tested substances of tap water and common table salt.To take it even one step further, the highly sensitive measurement diagnosis HRV (Heart Rate Variability) was used together with all other analysis to diagnose possible changes of the biodynamic status of the body. For the first time, using the heart frequency rate in combination with typical medical and biophysical analysis within a scientific study under double-blind criteria, significant changes were realized.

The clinical group analysis of Group 1 (FIJI Water only) and Group 3 (FIJI Water with the Original Himalayan Crystal Salt), resulted in a significant increased change in the heart frequency in relation to the Sinus-Rhythm. These changes are responsible for an overall increased vitality throughout all functions of the entire body. The vitality increased on a daily basis during the time when patients were drinking FIJI Water. The opposite results were diagnosed within Group 2, (tap water only), and Group 4, (tap water with common table salt solution). Their vitality decreased.Blood pressure analysis resulted in no significant changes between Group 1 (FIJI Water only) and Group 2 (tap water only). But within Group 3 (FIJI Water and original Himalayan Crystal Salt Solution), there was a notable decrease in high blood pressure.All patients of all groups were analyzed and diagnosed under medical criteria according to their blood and urine conditions.

The Lipoprotein status was first analyzed as the HDL level “Good Cholesterol,” which increased within all tested groups. The level most significantly increased within Group 1 (FIJI Water only ) and Group 2 (tap water only), the groups which were drinking just water. University medical research has shown that a high HDL level lowers the risk of arteriosclerosis. Independent of the quality of water, drinking water throughout the day supports and maintains the “Good Cholesterol” level.The LDL “Bad Cholesterol,” level decreased within all four groups. The level most significantly decreased within Group 3 and Group 4, the groups that were using, in addition to the water, the salt solution treatments. Medical university studies have shown that low LDL levels help against the risk of arteriosclerosis. Independent of the quality of the salt solution, a healthy, low LDL level is supported by a healthy level of salt in our system.To give you an idea of the scope of the study, within the study itself were included parameters already established for medical research.

Psychological and subjective parameters of the patients were achieved by using internationally accepted questionnaires such as the Swiss “Basler Well-Being Questionnaire” and the “Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index”. During the course of the nine-week study a total of 2,260 questionnaires with a total of 51,390 questions were answered by the patients and evaluated by independent university statisticians. In summary, Group 1, drinking FIJI Water alone, had the best sleeping quality and health recovery results. Further, due to the detoxification ability of the natural crystal salt solution, patients who drank the Original Himalayan Crystal Salt solution made with FIJI Water, felt that their physical, as well as their emotional beings, were being cleansed. Patients of Group 1 (FIJI Water only) and Group 3 (FIJI Water and Original Himalayan Crystal Salt solution), reported that they had more physical energy than before starting the study. Some patients reported that this increased energy level helped them to achieve success in their business endeavors. Their brain activity, together with their energy levels during recreation activities, and their general vitality, also increased. Some patients of Group 1 and Group 3 have reported that they had noticeable hair and nail growth during the study. Almost all patients in these two groups reported a better ability to concentrate.

Overweight patients lost an average of 4 kilograms (approx: 9 pounds) without any supplementary use or nutritional diets. Female patients of Group 1 and Group 3 reported that they had less pain during menstruation and almost no emotional exhaustion. One 47-year-old woman, who wished her whole life to become pregnant, became so during the study when drinking FIJI Water.This may be a coincidence, but patients also reported an increase in sexual activity.

Most of all, every single FIJI Water and Original Himalayan Crystal Salt patient reported what a delight it was to drink FIJI Water and take the crystal salt solution. And, aside from the positive health benefits they all attested to, there was the certain feeling of enhanced consciousness. After completing the study and the treatments, patients of Group 1 (FIJI Water only), and Group 3 (FIJI Water and Original Himalayan Crystal Salt solution), reported the desire to continue to drink FIJI Water and use the crystal salt, not only for the pure, natural flavor, but more for the overall feeling of well-being. This desire was not reported from patients of Group 2 (tap water only), and Group 4, (tap water and common table salt).

Never before in the history of the Inter-University of Graz, Austria, was such a comprehensive and detailed research conducted in the areas of water and salt. Due to the enormous size of analyzed parameters and to the individual characteristics of this unique “Water and Salt” study, conducted under internationally accepted double-blind medical criteria, not all significant details are described within this general summary.

A more recent randomized, double-blind, placebo controlled study
for evaluating the safety and efficacy of Original Himalayan Crystal Salt was conducted here in the U.S. by Fenestra Research Labs in 2007. The 75 control group subjects were daily given a teaspoon of sole made from OHCS and the 25 placebo group subjects were given a teaspoon of sole made from sea salt. At the baseline of this study all 100 subjects test numbers presented in the red zone, indicating at least 35% away from normal wellness numbers in Mineralization, Oxidative stress and Hydration.
The final results for Mineralization demonstrated that 58% of the control group were within 5% of normal range of optimal wellness for Mineralization; the remaining 56% were within 15% of wellness. For Oxidative Stress, 44% of the group were within 5% of normal wellness, the remaining 56% were within 15% of normal range. And for Hydration, 49% were within 5% of normal range of wellness and the remaining 51% were within 15% of normal range.
The final results for the placebo, sea salt group demonstrated that for Mineralization, 0% of the subjects were within 5% of normal range of wellness, 16% were within 15% of the normal range, and the remaining 84% were at least 35% out of the wellness range. For Oxidative stress, 4% were within 5% of the wellness range, 19% were within 15% of the wellness range, and the remaining 77% were still in the Red Zone, or at least 35% out of wellness range. For Hydration, 6% were within 5% of normal wellness, 13% were within 15% of normal range and the remaining 81% were at least 35% out of the range of wellness.

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