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with the Original Himalayan Crystal Salt

Hi Hilde,

We are loving our crystal salt ionizer and salt lamp!

I had felt like I was getting a cough-my chest was heavy and it was hard to breathe-filled my crystal salt ionizer before bed and by morning I felt so much better.  The cough barely materialized and I'm prone to bronchitis. It'll be wonderful this winter I'm sure!

Thank you again Hilde! - Teresa

Dear Hilde,

Please let me share with you the noticeable benefits I am enjoying from the sole . . . I have xanthelasmas on both eyes, both upper and lower lids.  My doctor told me that the only treatment is surgical removal, with no guarantee that they will not return.  Since I have been drinking the sole, the lipid deposits are shrinking!!!  They are about half their former size, and I am so happy.  Also, I was facing surgery for a huge bone spur embedded in the Achilles tendon of my left foot.  It was seriously interfering with my ability to walk.  At this time, it is going away, and my walking is much easier and almost pain free.

I cannot thank you enough for making this remarkable salt available.  I am so grateful.

Charlotte Evans

Hello Hilde,

I just wanted you to know that I have very serious sinus problems.  I have to clean my nose out twice a day with a solution using salt and peroxide.  I tried just plain salt at first, then I used the Himalayan salt, there is deffinately a difference in how it reacts to the tissue in your nose, I also gargle with the sole, I am improving, and no new infections have cropped up.  Love this stuff.  I recommend it to anyone who suffers from serious sinus problems. 

Hey Hilde:

I just thought I would tell you one of my experiences with the salt. 

I woke up very sick last Saturday morning.  I thought, oh no, is this the swine flu.  My throat felt as though someone was choking me, literally. My chest felt like there was a knife in it.  I took every natural cure that I had in the cupboard and even gargled with the sole, which gave my throat some relief.  Still, hours later I was not getting any better.

I felt so miserable and was trying to think what to do next. Finally, I asked my husband to soak a towel in the sole and bring it to me.  I wrapped the soaked towel around my neck and then wrapped another towel around that.  I cuddled up with my hot water bottle and blankets for around four hours.

I was to attend a party that night and knew there was no way I could go but my son was playing his first “gig” and I really wanted to be there to at least see him on stage.  Around four o’clock I arose and lo and behold my throat did not hurt anymore.  My voice was hoarse but the throat felt fine and my chest had loosened.

I now see your cold and flu cures and realize I followed your advice in advance of getting the email.  Maybe I had seen it in one of your past emails and it was stuck in one of those cavities in your brain.

I still have the cough and this is a week later so now I will use the “soaked shirt” technique tonight and I really believe it will work to finally drive this “thing” away.

As I have told you in the past, I really appreciate your remedies and I do believe they work.  Besides that, I avoided a trip to the dreaded doctor’s office!

Thank you again, C. H.

As a retired massage therapist, I am interested in offering Original Himalayan Crystal Salt to my former clients who still come to me for nutritional/body/mind/spirit guidance. I want to promote what I consider to be the vast healing potential of salt and water as outlined in Water&Salt. Clients will be asking me to explain the difference between OHCS and other Himalayan Crystal Salts. Hope you can prepare me with an answer. In addition, I want to tell you about a bite -suspect it was a spider bite- I had on my arm. The lesion and surrounding tissue in a 2' inch radius were swollen, fevered, inflamed, and ITCHING. I moistened my hand with water, sprinkled a pinch of OHCS onto the dampness, and rubbed this poultice into the bite and surrounding area. Within an hour, all symptoms had disappeared except for the lesion itself which began to shrink immediately and vanished completely within several days. I've had other bites of this sort that lingered for weeks.

Hello Hilde,

This is what I have been doing and it has been wonderful for my skin: You can use it just on your face and décolleté or all over. It has really balanced the tone, color and condition of my skin.

Diluted Sole (I use about 30% sole and 70% artisan spring water) Fine mist spritzer bottle (I purchased mine at a local drug store) AM/PM spritz entire face or allover after cleansing and toning!!

That is it! It feels wonderful - Just try it!!!


Due to poor dentistry, I have had, for years, a very bad bite. As a result, I have had problems with TMJ and rocking of the teeth so bad as to erode the bone surrounding them. Attempts to correct this by three dentists resulted in a worsening of my bite. I tried everything to keep the bacteria out of the pockets so as to prevent further eroding of the bone.

I found that Wild Mediterranean Oregano Oil worked very well, but at $52 to $79 an ounce, it was very costly. Then I developed a severe allergy to it. Out of desperation, I started brushing between each tooth with a little round toothbrush (even smaller than a pipe cleaner) dipped in Himalayan Salt Sole'. By this time, through a year of physical therapy on my jaw muscles, I had successfully re-alligned my jaw so the teeth were not rocking so badly. Within a week after starting my Sole' treatment, I noticed that the little round toothbrush was not sliding between the teeth as easily as it had before. By the time a month had passed, it was clear that the bone surrounding my teeth had begun to regenerate itself! Only time will tell how much of the bone will ultimately re-generate, but I know this: I owe my teeth to a physical therapist's healing hands and Sole'. And any that I might swallow in this twice-daily regimen, will help to remineralize the rest of my bones.

Anyone struggling with gum disease should try my twice-daily routine after brushing and flossing, just as I have done. I believe that the little round toothbrushes are made by GUM and are available in any drug store next to the dental floss. As a side note, I'd say that my morning breath is sweeter, too. I get my pockets measured next month by my dental hygienist. I can't wait to find out the numbers!

Hi Hilde,

I had just started my commitment to a daily regimen of the Sole (I was 3 days into it). That weekend, I went to a party and ate foods I have sensitivities to as well as drank a little too much alcohol for my body and lifestyle. During the night, while sleeping, I awoke with an irregular heartbeat. I have had these episodes before, but not for many years, and although I have been checked thoroughly by cardiologists, their findings were nothing other than an irregular heartbeat. I have always contributed these episodes to something foreign in my body that my body is trying to eliminate or dilute. When this particular episode occurred during the weekend, I was not alarmed, but felt the slight discomfort of "skipping beats" and definitely the annoyance of it all for every time I would fall back to sleep, I would wake up again within the hour. Finally, I just surrendered to it and figured I would have "one of those days" so in keeping with my new commitment to the Sole internal treatments, proceeded to make my 8 oz. purified water drink with 1 teaspoon of Sole. I sipped while checking my email. Hilde, I kid you not, but within minutes my heart beats went back to normal! Drinking the Sole for this purpose was not my intention, but that is what happened. The irregular beats did not return either. I was so excited, I emailed my mom who was so impressed by this that she ordered the necessary items to create her own Sole jar. I thank you so much for your knowledge and website for you truly helped me. I am much more aware of what I choose to put into my body as well from this learning experience. Thank you again, from the bottom of my heart!"


Hi Hilde,

Thanks so much for all your help & information about Himalayan Salt. As you know I have a wellness business & screen my clients for a great variety of physical challenges. The Himalayan Salt has been a great help. In my screening, many imbalances show up in various areas of the body, ranging from heavy metals to Candida (yeast), to ph imbalance and much more. The Sole’ actually tests to be more effective in many cases than some homeopathic formulas that I use. I have been amazed at the results people are having. In my opinion, anything that helps to balance multiple issues is so very valuable, especially with respect to ph & heavy metals, both of which are part of malignant cell formation. The ionizer has been a hot topic & people with allergies & COPD’s have said they can really feel the difference in the air in our home & office. The preventative benefits of your products are a great plus. Getting people healthy & staying that way is a real passion we share & I thank you for your great contribution to my business & the lives of so many. You are a blessing indeed!!!

Thanks so much & be well,
Lynne C.

Thanks for the info. I have since ordered some things for myself and for a friend who was very pleased with my results. I have cut back the amount of salt since I am holding water in my legs. The ravaging appetite is still gone. The tea candles are beautiful and have changed the "feel" in my bedroom. So glad I have found your lovely salt.

Thanks again,

I purchased the container with salt in it. I have already had positive results like less bloating, no hunger or cravings for sugar, no need to overeat.

Thanks for your help.


I followed your instruction about taking the two teaspoons of sole and it worked. I felt so good. Stuff started breaking up and loosening up (phlegm, mucus) in my chest,etc and I could tell the difference. I have problems with my feet I don't have an arch and my feet hurt constantly. Well my feet have not hurt since I started taking the sole. It is wonderful.

Thank you so much,

Dear Hilde,

I always enjoy your e-mails, I love the Himalayan salt. Original Himalayan Crystal Salt helped me to beat my slighty high blood pressure, The salt changed me enough to get off blood pressure medication (the lowest dose, but who needs it anymore). We have long since thrown away all our other salt, the only salt I add to food is HCS these days. The difference to me has become hugely evident. To think of all those years I ate sodiun chloride! But then again it's never too late to learn, or change, and your salt is truly a change for the better.

Thanks Hilde for making so much change for the better in people's lives. Keep up the great work and just know that little by little you're changing the world.

My best always,

Dear Hilde,

I thought I'd share some good news. Before I tell you the good news I'll have you know I did take the sole solution several months before I had my twin girls but then got out of the habit of taking it after they were born. Shortly after I stopped the sole I started to develop a patch of eczema on my right hand. It grew to be about 2inch by 2inch and extremely itchy, bumpy and very unattractive. I started the sole solution again a couple weeks ago and within 2 days, the patch was significantly better, no itching and not as raised and bumpy.

Within one week it was gone! I was also having restless nights before I started the sole. Just couldn't seem to get comfortable, tossing and turning, constantly waking. The first night after the sole, I slept like a rock. I have continued to sleep much more soundly since beginning the sole again.

But the best news is in regards to one of my twin 18 month old daughters. She has been waking up several times a night (3-4 times a night) during the past 4 months screaming and having a hard time getting back to sleep. (not due to hunger or sickness) The first night after adding two drops of sole to her morning drink, she slept thru the entire night without a peep. She has continued to sleep thru the night since we started the sole, whereas she was waking every 3 hours before! We have done nothing different except add the sole solution to her morning routine. Simply amazing. I will never stop taking it. I've also added it to my 4 and 6 yr. old girls morning drinks as well.

Thanks so much!

Dear Hilde,

First, I would like to thank you for giving me the recipe for the acne solution made with the sole. My daughter has been using it, and it is working beautifully! I am most delighted to tell you that I have been taking the sole for about 2 1/2 months now, and I am so impressed with the positive changes it has made in my life. For the last several years, I have been suffering from hypothyroidism and low body temperature and complained to my naturopathic doctor that I don't sleep well anymore, and also around 10 or 11 AM I would feel tired and need to take a nap. I was constantly sleepy and lacking energy to get through my day. I was also suffering from depression, and as soon as my kids were off to school, I was off to bed again until noon. We tried several remedies and supplements which helped a bit, but not enough to make a real difference. However, since taking the sole, all that has changed. I am now sleeping quite well at night, very rarely waking, and when I awake in the morning, I feel rested, refreshed and ready to start my day. I no longer go back to bed, but instead work out in my gym for 2 1/2 hours. I no longer feel sleepy and depressed, and best of all, I have so much energy! I have a general feeling of extreme well being, and I feel like a whole new person. I have not felt this great in many years. My body feels totally balanced and in sync. The sole made an immediate difference -- I did not have to wait several weeks for it to kick in.

I had read about Himalayan Crystal Salt having 84 different minerals and trace minerals which our bodies are not getting from the food we eat due to the lack of nutrients in the soil, and decided to give it a try. The salt is wonderful and you need far less of it than you would need of the store brands. Needless to say, I will never by without my Himalayan Crystal Salt or my sole. I have even purchased some salt, the salt crystals and the book (extremely informative) to give as a gift to my doctor. I know she will pass this wonderful information on to her patients. Also, I can't wait to try the bath salts.

Thanks so much Hilde for your patience in answering all my questions and for all your assistance. These products have been the find of a lifetime!

Sincerely – M. G.

I just want to tell you that I am exceedingly satisfied with your products, and have been using your salt exclusively for all my cooking and dietary use for some time now. My daughter Lynn, who is a loyal customer of yours, referred me to your web site. I am grateful to her and to you for broadening my knowledge and understanding about salt and allowing me to add Himalayan Living Salt to our family's diet.

T. W.


Mark here. I wanted to write you a success story of mine. Like most men, I guess, I don't put a lot of importance on things related to my body, generally ignore bodily protests, etc., but the one thing that I hate and must do something about is headaches. I usually will see a chiropractor for these when they happen every now and then, and while effective, the treatment doesn't turn the headache off RIGHT NOW but will within several hours or by the next day. Sometimes the pain just needs to go away now, and I have turned to pain killers on occasion, though reluctantly.

I travel for my work and have to be on my best game the entire time. Stress, air travel, odd hours, jet lag, etc., all add up to a headache once in awhile. About two months ago I had one of these turn on on Saturday morning while traveling and I took two Advil, thinking it'd be gone in about 1/2 hour. This time there was no relief and the headache kept on going. Thinking it would prevent me from sleeping, I took two more that night, again to no result/no change. Sunday is was still there, and I didn't want to take any more Advil, but I relented on Sunday night when I got home and took two more, again for sleep purposes. When I woke up on Monday, still with the headache, I was unhappy: my head hurt, I was grumpy and I felt a lack of energy, and I was very unwilling to keep taking some drug that got no result.

My wife has been using your Himalayan salt for many months and kept telling me it was great for this and that, but like a guy, my attitude was always, "Whatever. It's one of the many "natural" things she's into," and I brushed it off. But, I figured, "Whatever, I'll try taking some of her salt in some water and see what happens." (She has those big orange crystals that sit in water all day and create a brine solution.) I have to tell you that within less than 15 minutes my 3-day-old headache was completely gone, I felt alert and energized and I was ASTOUNDED. It was truly amazing. Since then I've been sharing her salt drink everyday and I've been sleeping better and rarely get headaches, and if I do, the salt has turned them off right away just as it did before.

This is big for me as I am not a vitamin-oriented, health food, organic blah blah type of person. I "poo poo" a lot of things I probably shouldn't, but your Himalayan Salt made a believer out of me (at least for the salt... never mind all that other "natural" stuff!).

Thanks, Mark


I wanted to share with you another use I have found for the HCS! I am 43 and have been plagued with acne most of my adult life. I truly have tried everything from medical procedures and pharmaceutical products to the most "natural" of remedies, with not much improvement and sometimes it just got worse.

Since we use the salt already for so many things, I decided to mix a formula for my skin. I use one part sole to one part witch hazel and add a couple drops of sandalwood, tea tree and pachouli essential oils. I shake it up and pour a little in my hands after cleansing and it has worked wonders! It is surprising that it does not dry my skin out but I guess the oils keep that from happening. Sometimes I will use a moisture lotion but all in all, it is fantastic!

I started doing this a few months ago and I didn't want to say anything until I knew for sure that it worked and it does. So, feel free to share this formula with whoever you like. I am just so happy to have found something that's good for my skin and is inexpensive. It's a real blessing! Thanks for all you do to bring us this wonderful salt! Keep up the good work!
L. H.

Dear Hilde,

For over a year I have experienced severe muscle cramping in my entire legs and feet - mostly at night. I have consulted with alternative health care practitioners and taken many supplements (including calcium, magnesium)to no avail. Also, during that time I was taking my sole sporadically and when I did I took one teaspoon. WELL - ten days ago I decided to take two teaspoons of sole daily in 8 ounces of water and have not had a leg cramp since since the first day I increased my sole and starting taking it regularly. Since the heart is a muscle and other muscles in my body were cramping it makes me think about the fact a heart attack is a huge muscle cramp in the heart. My father died of a heart attack and he had 'charley horses' and leg cramps routinely. I am convinced there is a connection between heart attacks and low salt. I tell all of my friends about your product.

Thank you soooo much,

Dear folks,

This is such a coincidence I tried it on my poison ivy and trip home to visit my parents I had been keeping it covered with gauze so it wouldn't spread. but it looked nasty. The application of the bath solution has dried it all up and in just 24 hours it's already flaking off!

Thanks for a great product. - S. O.


I use the sole for everything. Have you ever misted it on your face? I do. I also brush my teeth with it and spray it on my hair. I had a mineral treatment I used to pay big bucks for and then I had the idea to use the sole in my spray bottle. It makes my hair feel strong and healthy.

I have found another great use for my sole, I was exposed to poison ivy a few weeks ago to which I normally have a severe reaction. I returned home and rubbed the salt water over the exposed areas on my legs. I turned out to be a great remedy the spots only produced small scabs, no fluid filled sacks and no itching. I continue to be amazed.... J. S.

Hi. I have suffered from low blood sugar for many years. I had to eat every few hours or I would experience headaches and dips in my blood sugar that left me feeling weak and shaky. I started using Himalayan salt exclusively and have found that I can eat 3 meals a day without any fluctuations in my blood sugar! I have much more energy. I can't say enough about Himalayan salt.

We experimented with sole - and it works very good:
we both had flu like symptoms, very bad ones, like sore throat, body aches, burning in the nose, watery eyes, chest congestion... we made solution 50:50 and rinsed the throat, put drops into the nose and eyes - next day in the morning no symptoms at all. Usually it is very difficult to stop flu... So thank you again, we will be back.

I had to write you to tell you what happened with the salt sole last night. I knew the salt sole was magical because I cured a cancerous sore on my arm which has been coming back on me for several years and now it is completely gone, the surface is flat and only a little scar is there (which was always there). So that was enough to excite me, but last night I was checking out my face and at 60 I am getting those little white growth spots next to both my eyes. On one I had like 6 and 2 on the other. I am very vain so I thought I have to get these removed, they are spreading! Then I thought to try to sole overnight so I dapped it on and seriously this morning they have completely disappeared. Not even one is there now. It's so shocking and miraculous that I can hardly believe such magic. I'm now going to tape a band aid with sole onto a mole I acquired over the past ten years on my stomach and see if that will go away. That's what I did with the cancer spot and it worked in a couple of days. I am so thrilled with this REAL salt that I felt that I should share this with you so you can list it with your testimonials. Imagine if it does this on the outside what it does on the inside!

A very happy customer,
Marilyn from Utah

I bought the 22 lb bag of bath salts and have been taking a salt bath every Saturday night for the last 4 weeks. My skin issues are much better but are not totally cleared up yet. I gave my neighbor some of the salts. She was suffering with foot pain. She did 2 foot soaks 2 nights in a row and has been pain free ever since. While my skin issue is not completely cleared up, it is much improved.
L. P.

Hi Hilde,

The newsletter you send us was very informative we believe you have the best salt on the market we believe in you. You have our confidence!
Henry and Rose

Thanks for the informational letters each month. I have learned so much from them and my experience with Himalayan Salt is starting to pay off. I feel so much better. Been sick with kidney stones and am using the sole to insure they never come back.

Thank you so very much! I can’t tell you how pleased I am that you were able to help me. You’ve got a customer for life! Your service feels very personal, and I just LOVE the salt. It’s the only salt allowed on our food in our house. Table salt (poison) has been banished for good. Thank you!


Ms. Bschorr,

Thank you for your email. I was planning to email you regarding the Neti pot. I used the fine Himalayan crystals you sent me in the Neti pot solution in place of the non-iodized sea salt. It's far less harsh on my nasal passages than the sea salt. My sinuses are draining more quickly and thoroughly. The bath was tremendous! Even with the severe cold temperatures here in New York City my skin didn't suffer any dryness the following day. As instructed I allowed my skin to dry off naturally and, without realizing it, I forgot to use a moisturizer but I clearly didn't need any .

Best Regards,
R. S.


I also wanted to mention the warming sensation throughout the bath and afterwards. Normally, after running a hot bath I have to periodically run more hot water to keep the bath warm. However, with these salts there was no need. My body stayed warm even out of the bath for at least 30 minutes.

Hi Hilde! I received the package on 11/13. Thank you! I really like the salt. Thought you would be interested to know that I've been having chronic problems with acid reflux lately. After I tasted the salt, the reflux went away immediately & hasn't come back since!
D L.

Hello Hilde,

Another blessing from the use of sole.  About five months ago I developed a fungus on several of my fingers on one hand.  I thought it was a result of reusing wet gloves when doing some gardening, but I wasn't sure.  I tried many different products with no success.  It began to spread to other fingers, and so I went to the doctor, who agreed it was a fungus.  He gave me a prescription that helped somewhat, but it would return again.  After ordering the himalayan living salt, I thought I would try it on my hand.  After trying several different percentages of solution without success, I finally used the full 26% sole without adding any water and soaked my fingers for 30 minutes.  After three tiimes it completely cleared up and has not returned.  This began in June and I finally healed my hand in October.  I am so grateful to have the use of the himalayan salt crystals.  Only our Creator could provide such a natural, wonderful substance for our use on this planet.  Thank you for being the one to make it available to us.



Just wanted to give you a testimony to Himalayan Salt crystals.  I have been taking the sole' solution for a little over one month.  I have seen some very interesting results.  I prepared the sole' by soaking crystals in Fiji water and leaving it in the sun for 24 hours.  I then take one teaspoon of the sole' and mix in a 6 ounce glass of water the first thing in the morning. Within 20 minutes I can feel it stimulating my intestines and colon.  I am now very regular. Also, I have irritable bowel syndrome and I haven't had any pains in one month now.  I went to my doctor 2 weeks ago (I haven't had insurance for over 1 year) and my blood pressure was 90 over 60! Unbelievable!  Also my blood sugar is almost perfect.  Way below the 7% they like it to be!  I was so pleased!  I even have my daughter taking it and she has noticed a change in her irritable bowel symptoms as well.  Thank you so much!


Dear Hilde,

I just wanted to share this great story with you.

Yesterday I had to have a crown replaced in my mouth.  I also needed some minor gum surgery in order to fit the new crown.  The procedure went well, but of course, I was in a lot of pain afterwards.  I took one tylenol immediately, and for the rest of the day I rinsed my mouth with a low concentration of warm sole (My dentist had recommended I rinse with warm salt water).  I did on two occasions yesterday.  By the evening, I was surprised that I didn't need another tylenol.  

This morning I woke up to no pain at all!  My gums seems to be less swollen and feeling practically normal!  Please share this story with others, who may not realize the amazing power of your salt!


Hi Hilde   I just would like you to know how much I appreciate the himalayan salt necklace.  It is not only beautiful ( I am always getting compliments on my necklace when I wear it) but I have experienced first hand the benefit of wearing it.  I have very bad allergies and I find that when I am in a closed room with the air conditioner or heat blowing it kicks in my allergies.  I play bridge in such a closed room twice a week and was having to take an allergy pill before beginning play.  I started wearing the necklace as an experiment when I was in the room and have been amazed at the difference.  My allergies do not seem to flair up anymore.  So now I make sure I wear my necklace whenever I feel that I am going to be exposed to dust and other allergens.  Also, as I mentioned above,  I receive so many compliments on the necklace and find that it coordinates with almost anything I wear. 

Linda R.


I have only been drinking the sole for two weeks, but already I notice I have more energy. I have referred 'Himalayan living salt' to all my friends

My daughter was getting a fever blister on her lip and she already had one on her chin. She put sole on it throughout the day and before she went to bed, the following evening the oozing fever blister on her chin was gone and the one on her lip never materialized. This is so wonderful.


Hello Hilde,

I want to report you the following:

I  have found the salts to be miraculous, to say the least. I can think of at least 6 problems which have cleared up, not including a significant increase in my daily energy levels.

I have tried virtually every supplement, vitamin, protein drink, etc save for these salts know to man, with very limited results at best. Actually there is one cal/mag supplement whic has helped a bit, but that was the only one out of many, and they provided no really powerful solutions toward my health.

After using just small dosages as prescribed by the directions, within a week,  I sleep better, have no pains in my hands and elbows (excessive golfer), which were chronic, virtually no adverse effects of eating non- optimal foods, have virtually no tiredness though- out the day, no "feeling cranky", better mental clarity, on and on..

Funny thing is, I did not notice anything for a few days, which was so opposite many of the other things I have tried, where there was an immediate "surge" of energy, but that would invariably die down after a few days.

Ttruth be said if you offered me bars of gold in lieu of these salts, I would not even consider the gold!

I recommend to anyone try to these salts and see if they could benfit you in the same ways. I am not getting compensated for this endorsement in any way except in the knowledge that others have available to them a truly remarkable, earth- shattering product. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT!

One last thing, there are other salts on the market, even possibly from Himalaya. Do not be fooled into a slightly cheaper price, or the inevitable multi level organization trying to make a quick buck. When it comes to your health, cheap invariably results in an inferior product.

I wish you  the verty best of luck and please make sure I get my recent order very soon. I don't want any "gaps"
Best Regards,


Dear Hilde,

Just want to let you know since I have taken the "sole" every AM on empty stomach my arthritis symptoms in my fingers has gone away 100%. Great result.


Hi Hilde,

I have to tell you how I use the sole... I have low blood pressure due to an illness I have had for several years. My doctor told me to try drinking salty water. The white stuff did not work, and a friend told me about Himalayan sea salt. I make the sole, and add some of it to pure water in a bottle that I take to work. My BP still is not perfect, but has improved enough for me to avoid being medicated. I like the taste of Himalayan course salt on my food better than the white stuff too, so I have switch over that too..

Keep up the good work!


Hi, Hilde:

I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for your wonderful service, and for supplying us with Himalayan Salt.  It is wonderful!  My blood pressure has definitely gone down to the low to normal range since we began using it a few months ago, and we love it for all of our cooking needs, including yeast breads. There truly is nothing like Himalayan Salt! Consider me a regular customer!

Thanks again,


I have been using your 'salts' for just about a month now. When I first read about your products, I could not wait to get started. I guess you could say I ordered just about everything. I started my sole, got rid of all other salts in the house and filled up the Kocera grinder I ordered. The difference was almost noticeable at once. The food tasted better and was much more satisfying. Within days of starting to use the Netti-pot, my sinusis improved markedly. The sole seemed to make my medications work better. To say the least, I am diffenantly on board with your products. I have even ordered some of the small bags for my parents and a couple of friends. I just look for things to get better with time. Thanks for a great product!!!


“I've been working on lowering my blood sugar for the past three months.
The pattern has been it creeps down, then jumps up and creeps down, each time in a trend of getting lower. From the first day I took the sole, it went down a bit *and stayed down*. It went up a bit when I went off my diet for one meal, but only a little, not a lot like before.

And I've also noticed more energy. For a long time now, I've wanted to do things, but my body didn't have the energy. I would have to drag it around huffing and puffing. This morning I got up and worked in the garden with my husband for over and hour. Hard manual labor. We were trimming trees and I was carrying heavy branches with no problem, and quite happily too.

It really looks like my body has been salt deficient for a long time. I do feel like my "batteries are charging"! Debra”

My wife and I have had great success with the salt. We have both noticed positive changes in our general health and well being. I also know a number of people that are taking the salts, all with varying degrees of POSITVE results. This has become part of our daily routine and will remain so, it's so simple to do.
Thanks for the great product". Hilton

Your service is great. But about the salt. This is my second order. I have been taking the salt for the past few months... incredible. I cannot do without it. My body, spirit and mind function far more effectively. I find, that if for some reason I miss taking it for a spell, the balance shifts.

I spent some time in Kashmir [before the war... just leading up to it], and had a wonderful experience with the salt. The women of the house [on land, I lived on one of the boats nearby] I was connected to came to me one evening, saying that they had a special secret they wanted to share. They took me into their kitchen [sacred ground]. It was an old house, earthen floors, and the kitchen... oven etc. was all built of mud. They very reverently took me through to what was obviously a secret, special place, and into what I can only describe as a "cave" hollowed out in the mud. I saw what seemed to be a very large rock, covered in hessian sacks. They very slowly removed the sacks, all the time expressing obvious veneration and revealed a HUGE pink crystal. "This is salt" they said in broken English. "You must have this... always. It is the elixir of life. Find it when you go back to your world." It wasn't until recently, as I was idly searching the internet for something to assist me, that I very quickly found you. Really something else. Thank you". Anna

"Many of my patients are allergic to common table salt. They all tested strongly on the Himalayan Crystal Salt from Best Care Products".

I'm a graduate of the CNM, College of Naturopathic Medicine in London and, apart from Homeopathy, I apply NAET (Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Techniques). NAET is a natural, drugless, non-invasive method of eliminating allergies/food intolerance's.

While testing my patients for various allergies and food intolerance's I found that many of my patients showed an intolerance to common table salt (sodium chloride).

We all know table salt is not healthy in any case but these patients had developed an intolerance to it which would show in different symptoms.

As I had just come across the Himalayan Crystal Salt from Best Care Products, I decided to put it to the test.

Would there be a difference between the sodium chloride and the Himalayan Crystal Salt?

From what I had read, Himalayan Crystal Salt mixed with spring water can provide numerous health benefits - lowering blood pressure, internal cleansing, and end to rheumatic aches and pains, restoration of alkaline/acid balance, and the soothing of problem skin, to name a few.

Over the next few weeks I tested the Himalayan Crystal Salt on about 15 patients who had previously tested weak (intolerant) to sodium chloride. To my amazement all of them without exception tested strong on the crystal salt. My curiosity was awakened: If my patients tested strong on the Himalayan Crystal Salt could it help them to get better faster?.

The first one to use it on was a male patient with extremely itchy skin on his back. It was so bad that it prevented him from a restful sleep and would "drive him up the wall". I recommended he try the crystal bath salts. He had a bath late in the evening when the itching was the worst. During the bath he reported later he started to yawn almost continuously. After the bath he went to bed. The itching had calmed down considerably and for the first time in weeks he had a long and restful sleep.

Another male patient complained of a very stiff neck for which I had already treated him but the progress had not been as fast as expected. I gave him the Crystal Sal in a linen bag which he had to warm up in the oven and then put on his stiff neck for 30 minutes every day. When I saw him a few days later he reported a definite improvement. I consider the Himalayan Crystal Salt an important addition to my therapies and would recommend it to anyone." G.G., Naturopath

"Like most other nutritional therapists, I get all my clients to eliminate salt (sodium chloride) from their diet as much as possible. However, I am happy to recommend Himalayan Salt knowing it will benefit them rather than harm them and they, in turn, are thrilled. The bath salts too have relaxed and detoxed me like no other! I can barely crawl into bed after a soak and sleep like the dead.

Additionally, I had a badly inflamed eye recently. I bathed it in the himalayan solution and it had completely gone by the next morning." S.G., Nutritional Therapist (BANT) and Author

"I've been suffering from SHINGLES over 2 months. Needles to say how severe the pain on the whole left side of my face was. My left eye was very painful too and I had to take strong painkillers. After using the Best Care eye bath, together with the 1% Himalayan Salt solution, the pain eased off. I applied it every day following the exact instructions. I've also used the Himalayan Crystal rocks in the linen bag, heated them in the oven and put them on my face wherever I had pain.

After one week I didn't need to take painkillers!" Anonymous

"When I started taking the sole, I felt reconnected to the earth after a few days. Various skin rashes on my body cleared up. Now my skin is more soft and supple than before and I don't need to use skin balms on my body!

I am also regaining my pH balance and feel much less acidic after 6 weeks of taking the sole. Thank you." S.T.

"As the salt began its purifying work after only 4 days, I felt a new level of energy and feeling alive." I.M.

"The first time I took a glass of sole, I started to cry as I felt a huge release of emotions that had been bottling up inside. Afterwards I felt so relieved. Since taking the sole daily, I am sleeping much better and seem to have more energy." J.C.

"The salt tastes great! It completely brings out the flavor in raw salads - especially tomatoes, avocados and cucumber. Even better than sea salt! I love cooking with it and I seem to take the salt shaker everywhere I go, just in case!" B.B.

"I have not been using the Himalayan Crystal Salt products so very long, but I have noticed a marked change in myself since using them. I am now sleeping much better and I am feeling more alive generally!" Mrs. D.

"Some of my patients were using a lot of supplements everyday. I started them on the Himalayan Crystal Salt products and re-tested them about 2 weeks later. I was amazed to find that these patients needed to take only half the amount of supplements. They also reported feeling energetic and full of energy!" J.K., Practitioner

"Thanks very much for all your help. I pendulum tested various waters yesterday. In order of quality (provision of energy for the body): lowest to highest: tap; filtered; bottle; crystal energized water; sole. Fascinating." A.

"At the beginning when I started the sole, I felt very tired and on some mornings when I awoke, slightly dehydrated. However, I continued drinking the sole and then turned a corner. I began to get more energy. It also heightens the sweet taste of food!" D.J., Practitioner

"For the past fifteen years, my health has been horrendous following exposure to sheep dip containing organophosphates, phenols and solvents. No medical treatment has been available and any drug I have been prescribed has badly affected me. Some relief has come through an essentially vegan diet, but insufficient to provide me with an acceptable quality of life.

I have researched water and now only drink water from an artesian supply that I have vortexed. Artesian water is full of colloidal minerals and has taken in the magnetic resonance of the earth. The longer the water has been in the ground, the stronger the energy it has. This has helped, but I always felt something was missing, as I continued to have problems with sleeping, memory, concentration and severe leg pain.

Last autumn, I passed a Health Shop with Himalayan Salt Crystals in the window. Intuitively I bought a kilo and began drinking sole first thing in the morning. I also put a few crystals in my bath water every second night. Relief happened immediately. The severe pain in my legs eased, my sleep pattern became restful and I no longer visited the toilet five or six times a night. My concentration and memory improved and I no longer suffered adverse reactions to any period of concentration.

It is three months since I started taking sole before breakfast and after fifteen years of various false hopes of an improvement in my health, it is difficult to believe and accept the persistent improvement of my health in that short time.

I ordered the book "Water and Salt - The Essence of Life" by Dr Hendel and Peter Ferreira, in my quest to find scientific support for the benefits claimed by Himalayan Crystal Salts. This book confirmed my own intuition and led me deeper into my own research into water quality and gave me the final piece of the water jigsaw puzzle I had been searching for.

"Water and Salt" claimed artesian water which had been in the ground for hundreds, if not thousands, of years have been influenced by the electromagnetic energy field of the planet. Synchronistically, of course, someone contacted me to tell me of his artesian water supply. I now use only artesian water with my Himalayan Salt Crystal. I would recommend this book to anyone who desires an understanding of the "healing power of nature". It has changed my life. The message of that book is one that should be read by every doctor in the country.

Every year I give a lecture to medical students at a Scottish University on chemical poisoning and last week I had great pleasure in advising them of the benefits of Himalayan Crystal Salts, that restore myself to an acceptable level. If, after fifteen years of deterioration and only three months of using sole I feel this good, I can only presume that my health will steadily improve. Already my high blood pressure is down from 220/120 to160/80, a quite incredible improvement."
B.A., National Coordinator


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